Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Expression Blend 3: SketchFlow

SketchFlow is a flexible, informal, quick and powerful way to sketch and prototype rich, dynamic interactivity with Expression Blend.

Below are materials that I recommend for learning SketchFlow:

I have created my SketchFlow Application (a band website). I’ve used almost all SketchFlow features which are described in documentation and tutorials.

Screens & Connections (navigation & composition) SketchFlow1

SketchStyle Controls SketchFlow2

Navigation (buttons) [behaviors]SketchFlow3

States (screen) SketchFlow4

Activating State (button) [behavior] SketchFlow5

SketchFlow Animation SketchFlow6

Playing an Animation (button click and other events) [behaviors]SketchFlow7

Sample DataSketchFlow8

Feedback (SketchFlow Player: adding & exporting)SketchFlow9

Feedback (Expression Blend: importing)SketchFlow10

Exporting to Word SketchFlow11


I have used annotations, too.

You can also:

  • import a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation and use the slides as the beginning of a SketchFlow project
  • package your SketchFlow project (you get a separate version of your prototype that can then be sent to a client or team member)
  • convert a SketchFlow prototype into a production-ready project (by removing SketchFlow references)

Behaviors and Sample Data are Blend 3 features that help with prototyping. I’ll describe them in next posts.

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