Wednesday, May 27, 2009

“Oslo” May 2009 CTP

New CTP of the Oslo SDK is available and lots of changes are included. I’ll write about them.

Some of changes:

  • “M” language syntax
  • MGrammar and M are partially merged (.mgx image and mg.exe have been replaced by unified .mx image and m.exe tool)
  • new object model for MGraph and other API changes
  • IntelliPad with lots of improvements, f.e DSL Mode built-in
  • “Quadrant” (first public version!, new features, user interface without ribbons)
  • command-line tools:  new options and new tools
  • Repository: the CLR and UML domains, some features now as elements of model

There are new MSDN documentation, samples  and videos, too.



More information about changes:

I’m very interested in “Oslo”, so I’m planning to write more posts about new CTP in the near future.