Sunday, February 28, 2010

WCF RIA Services - Part IV, Presentation Models

Presentation model aggregates data from multiple entities in the data access layer. It is useful when you do not want to directly expose the entities in your data access layer to the client.

You should read these links:

I’ve implemented sample described here.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

WCF RIA Services - Part I, changes in features known from previous releases & design tools

I wrote a very long post about .NET Ria Services with 20 samples four months ago. In this series of posts I’ll describe WCF RIA Services presented at PDC. In this post, I’ll present 9 updated samples and VS 2010 design tools.

Business Application Demo

App2 App3 App4

Silverlight Business Applications: Design tools 

SelectQuery2 Data Sources Window: Query selection

ConfigFields2 Data Sources Window: Control selection

Main Dragging the Product node to the designer (query with parameters)

DataPager Dragging the Product node onto the DataPager

Details Data Sources Window: Details mode selection

Details2 Dragging the Product node to the designer (Details mode)

Customize1 Customize2 Customize3 Data Sources Window: Custom control selection

Customize4 Dragging the User node to the designer (Details mode, custom control)


 Server validation &  resolving concurrency conflicts


Windows Authentication


A Https Enabled DomainService


DomainContext: cross-domain scenario


Loading Data from Related Entities

Silverlight Business Applications: Design tools 

Related1 Related2 Dragging the Products node (the child node of the Category node) to the designer

Multiple DomainContexts

WCF RIA Services Class Libraries

ASP.NET Dynamic Data integration

Other useful samples I have found

Useful links