Sunday, October 18, 2009

My longest post: .NET Ria Services July Preview - summary

I have tested many features of .NET Ria Services July Preview and scenarios for three weeks. I have read  Microsoft .NET RIA Services Overview document, materials from .NET Ria Services Samples page and excellent Brad Adam's and Nikhil Kothari’s blogs.  I have made some my samples which I’ll present them in this post.

I sign .NET Ria Services features used in my samples:  

  • New feature of July Preview
  • Modified feature
  • Feature known from previous releases 
  • Extensions from Microsoft samples

Business Application Demo

  • The automatic detection of shared code
  • Operations
    • A new model for handling operations on the client
      • Load/Invoke/Submit operations
      • Value that will update itself when the operation completes, callbacks and completed event
    • Changed signatures for query and update operations
    •  POST support for Query operations
  • DomainDatasource
    • Changed parameters
  • Authentication
    • RiaContext, FormsAuthentication
    • Roles and profiles
  • New Silverlight Business Application VS template
    • Activity and DataForm controls
    • Forms and Windows authentication
  • Code Generated Hookpoints
    • DomainContext Hookpoints
    • Entity Hookpoints
  • Computed properties
  • Localized error messages
  • Changed validation API
  • ASP.NET: DomainDataSource

Activity MainValidation Login RegistrationSettings1Settings2ASPNET

Server validation &  resolving concurrency conflicts


Windows Authentication


A Https Enabled DomainService

DomainContext: cross-domain scenario

Loading Data from Related Entities

  • Returning Related Entities
  • Denormalizing Associated Data

Hierarchical Data

  • Returning Related Entities
  • Computed properties


Multiple DomainContexts

  • Cross-DomainContext references: associations with entities originating from different DomainContext

.NET RIA Services Class Libraries 

  • .NET Ria Services Class Library VS template


Out of browser Silverlight client


ASP.NET Dynamic Data integration

Required ASP.NET Dynamic Data Preview 4 Refresh


AJAX client


ASP.NET MVC  integration


Exposing DomainService as DataService (Domain ADO.NET Data Service) 

  • Domain ADO.NET Data Service VS template
  • WPF client (and other full .NET client)
  • Silverlight client

Silverlight client doesn’t work for me (I have built the sample described in Microsoft .NET RIA Services Overview). If you know what should be done to fix it, please write to me.


Exposing DomainService as WCF service

ADO .NET Data Services Based Data Source

WCF Based Data Source

DataSet Based Data Source

NHibernate Based Data Source

Offline synchronization

  • LocalSyncBehavior
  • ServerSyncBehavior

You need attach these behaviors to DomainContext. You can download them  from TechEd South Africa Ria Services samples.

I haven’t verified if ServerSyncBehavior worked well. If you know how it works , please write to me.


Other useful samples I have found:


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