Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Silverlight for Mobile

Some information about Silverlight for Mobile:

Current status: You cannot write a silverlight application for Mobile, because it is not in public beta yet -:(

Silverlight 1.0 for mobile CTP Q2CY 08
Silverlight 1.0 for mobile RTW Q4CY 08
Silverlight 2 for mobile CTP Q4CY 08
Silverlight 2 for Mobile RTW Q2CY 09

Supported systems:
Microsoft: Windows 6 Mobile Standard and Professional
Nokia: Symbian OS (Nokia S40, S60, internet tables)

Links: - some information + 2 interesting video presentations
(f.e gesture input device, carousel menu demo) - John L Scott's vision of Mobility and use of Silverlight - Nokia to bring Microsoft Silverlight powered experiences to millions of mobile users - Silverlight Mobile Application - How can I write a silverlight application for Mobile ? - Future: Silverlight2 and Windows Mobile


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