Friday, December 19, 2008

PDC version of "Quadrant" - some limitations and questions

"Quadrant" is a visual tool for models created with the code name “Oslo” platform. There's a PDC virtual machine with "Oslo" and "Dublin" and it includes pre-alpha version of  "Quadrant", documentation and some Hands-On Labs. "Quadrant" seems to be cool, but PDC version has some limitations.


  1. You can create instances and custom views of models, but editor for creating model schema with "M" language will be integrated in next builds.
  2. You can make new model with "M" using Intellipad or Visual Studio and import compiled "M" image to "Oslo" repository. But current version of  "Quadrant" can't read models other than Microsoft samples !  I have tried to read my model and "Quadrant" Explorer has found it in Microsoft.Repository.Load only. Other people also have the same problem.
  3. What about more advanced customization than changing icon, category, default view, size of columns, adding property to display? How can I change f.e shape for instance of model? How can I write custom designer like workflow designer or business process designer?

I wait for next CTP of  "Quadrant" to read my models from repository.

BTW I'm keen on "Oslo" technology, so I wrote post with my questions about "Oslo" in community forum.

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Anonymous said...


dude I don't know what u just explained... but it's awesome. lol j/k Okay I'm not that dumb, but your level of knowledge with a computer far surpasses mine. I am only good with making use of most if not all of typical programs' capabilities. You've got that programming type capability and I admire that. Such a wealth of knowledge here...