Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Changes in new "Oslo" CTP

I have tried to run my "Oslo" applications and samples in "Oslo" January 2009 SDK CTP.  In this post, I want to share some changes I’ve observed.   


  1. new icon :)
  2. menu M ModeSemantic Graph position has been removed
  3. better validation (f.e file with only extents isn't valid)
  4. MScriptMode:  keyword highlighting 

Intellipad January 2009 MMode

Intellipad January 2009 MScriptMode 

 Visual Studio

  1. "M" project: different sample implementation (without explicit extent definition)
  2.  "M" project compilation: invocation of "M" compiler isn't shown

 Visual Studio January 2009



Some schemas have been renamed: f.e [Document] -> [System.Document],  [Item] -> [Repository].[Item]


  1. .mgx image:  DynamicParser (XAML) -> DynamicParserFactory (XAML)
  2. API changes:  some methods or classes have been removed or replaced by others, f.e  MGrammarCompiler -> LoadParserFromMgx, DynamicParser -> ParseObject, MGrammarCompiler -> GenerateM, TermGraphAdapter, ParserBase
  3. VS project: compiling to resource  - <MgTarget>MgxResource</MgTarget>
  4. Parsing .NET application: loading parser from Mgx image - changes 

Dynamic Parser Factory

static DynamicParser LoadLanguageFromAssembly(string lang)
var dp = DynamicParser.LoadFromResource("ParseNetMeeting", lang);

return dp;

static void Parse(string input)
DynamicParser language = LoadLanguageFromAssembly("NetCommunity.NM");

object result = language.Parse<object>(input, null, ErrorReporter.Standard);

IGraphBuilder graphBuilder = new GraphBuilder();

foreach (object meeting in graphBuilder.GetSuccessors(result))
//Walking MGraph

More advanced Microsoft samples don't compile f.e MWindow, Person, Spork. I wait for new versions of them ....

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