Monday, August 2, 2010

WCF RIA SERVICES v1.0 Samples - part II

I showed part I of my WCF RIA Services v1.0 samples a  few days ago. Today I’ll continue this topic.

I sign changes in my samples:  

  • migration changes & new features
  • migration changes

Let’s continue …

08. RelatedEntitiesDemo

09. CompositionExample

10. InheritanceExample

The workaround for EF described here no longer needed. I have added modifying entities to my sample application.

11. PresentationModelDemo

12. WcfDemo

WpfClientApp (and SOAP communication) moved to new EndpointsDemo example.

13. EndpointsDemo

By default, only the Binary endpoint is enabled for domain services without additional configuration. You can easily enable another endpoint (ODATA, SOAP, JSON or custom) by registering an endpoint factory in the Web.config file as shown below.

01_Endpoints_01 - mod

The ODATA endpoint has very limited support in V1. There is no Update or LINQ query support. Deepesh Mohnani has a great post about WCF RIA Services endpoints.

Clients in my example:

  • BusinessApplicationDemo (Silverlight, default endpoint)
  • BusinessApplicationDemo.Web (AJAX, JSON)
  • WpfClientApp (WPF, SOAP)
  • ODataClientApp (Silverlight, ODATA)

Below is an example query method in the Ajax client.

01_Endpoints_02 - mod 01_Endpoints_03

14. ASPNetDynamicDataExample

I have used a new project template called ASP.NET Dynamic Data Domain Service Web Application in WCF RIA Services Toolkit.


All samples from part two you can download here


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