Thursday, May 12, 2011

3D Graphics in Silverlight 5 Beta: links + cool apps !

Useful links

My first Silverlight 3D app (based on Color Cube Sample from MSDN gallery):


Interesting samples (very cool!):

Babylon 3D Engine


3D Housebuilder


Solar Wind 3D Sample


 A bump mapped Lizard & An animated Tank (from Silverlight 3D Model Importer)


I will blog more details about SL5 3D graphics in the upcoming months.


semiotically said...

a generalised question: in your in-depth experience have you come across sites offering Export Templates for Microsoft Deep Zoom using Expression Blend?

If not, do you have any advice on trying to export decent dsigns with Deep Zoom if new to it (And Expression & programming in general...)?

Anonymous said...

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Cindy Dy said...

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Leslie Lim said...

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