Monday, August 3, 2009

New features in Silverlight 3: New controls

DataGrid paging… Modal window… Saving file…. Look at this post.

Silverlight 3 runtime and SDK introduce new controls: AutoCompleteBox, ChildWindow, DataPager, DescriptionViewer, Frame, HeaderedItemsControl, Label, Page, SaveFileDialog, TreeView, ValidationSummary, VirtualizingStackPanel. Some of these controls were previously released as part of the Silverlight Toolkit and some I have been presented in my previous posts here and here.

The zip file contains examples of use of three controls: ChildWindow, DataPager and SaveFileDialog

The DataPager control provides a configurable user interface for paging through a data collection. You can bind the DataPager to any IEnumerable collection, but to provide paging functionality, you should wrap it in the PagedCollectionView class. To use a DataPager to page through data in another control, you assign the control's ItemsSource property and the DataPager.Source property to the same data collection. It’s very easy, isn’t it?


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