Sunday, December 27, 2009

New features in Silverlight 4 Beta: Out Of Browser Applications (Trusted)

I previously wrote a post about new features of sandboxed out of browser applications. This post focuses on trusted applications.

Trusted application features

  • Install requires users to “trust” the application
  • Group Policy support for
    • Disabling installation of Trusted Applications
    • Disabling activation of Trusted Applications


  • Native Integration / COM Automation objects on Windows
    • ComAutomationFactory
    • C# 4.0 “dynamic” programming model
    • Standard language feature in Visual Basic
    • Automation features supported in SL 4 Beta
      • Property get/set, indexed property get/set
      • Positional and optional parameters
      • Support by ref and by value
      • In proc and out of proc servers
      • Sink dispatch events with arguments
    • Automation features not supported in SL 4 Beta
      • Marshalling user defined types
      • Multi-dimensional or jagged arrays
      • Named parameters
      • IEnumVariant
      • Type Information


  • File System Access
    • Folders: MyDocuments, MyMusic, MyPictures, MyVideos
    • These folders are distinct from the Windows 7 Libraries


  • Relax sandbox speed bumps
    • Enable cross domain HTTP networking
    • Eliminate site locking for WebBrowser
    • Full path in Open/SaveFileDialog
    • Eliminate user initiation
      • Open/SaveFileDialog
      • Clipboard access
      • Full screen mode
      • Changing window settings
    • Enable full keyboard in full screen mode


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