Thursday, December 10, 2009

New features in Silverlight 4 Beta: MouseWheel Support, Clipboard Access & DataGrid Enhancements

Today I’ll write some information about clipboard, new features of DataGrid and mouse scrolling.

Silverlight 4 adds the ability to programmatically access the clipboard to format and modify data during copy, cut, and paste operations (text only). When an attempt is made to programmatically access the clipboard for the first time, Silverlight will prompt the user to request permission.


You can copy a row of a DataGrid to the clipboard (CTRL + C) and then paste it to another program (f.e Excel). You can control what is copied for a particular column by using the DataColumn.ClipboardContentBinding property to point to different data if the cell contents aren’t what you want to have copied.

The DataGrid in Silverlight now has the ability to allow columns to share the remaining width of a DataGrid (*).  It also supports MouseWheel scrolling and the FlowDirection property.


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