Saturday, July 18, 2009

New features in Silverlight 3: DataGrid control & 3D Effects

What do you think about DataGrid with perspective view? It’s interesting, isn’t it?  Today I’ll give some information about new features of DataGrid control and 3D effects.

3D Effects

You can apply 3-D effects to any Silverlight UIElement using what are called "perspective transforms." Perspective transforms are not equivalent to a 3-D engine; however, they can be used to make 2-D Silverlight content appear as if it is drawn on a 3-D plane. To apply a perspective transform to a UIElement, set the UIElement object's Projection property to a PlaneProjection. The PlaneProjection defines how the transform is rendered in space. You can use the Matrix3DProjection and Matrix3D types for more complex semi-3D scenarios.


In Silverlight 3 you can group, sort, and filter data in a DataGrid. You should bind it to a collection view that supports these functions (PagedCollectionView class which also provides paging functionality).

I have made my sample with DataGrid control to demonstrate its new features. I have added an animation of Matrix3DProjection object, too. The zip file also contains some good samples with PlaneProjection  I have found.


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