Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New features in Silverlight 3: Application Library Caching & Application Extension Services

Silverlight 3 RTM and new versions of tools has officially released last Friday. So I have started testing new features by building my own practical examples. I want to publish them regularly. I had written many practical samples and cool application for Silverlight 3 Beta, but I hadn’t published them yet. I’ll try update them to RTW and also publish in the future.

Today I’ll write about two new  features of new Silverlight: Application Library Caching and Application Extension Services.

Application Library Caching

Application library caching can help improve startup performance when users revisit your Web site. When you use application library caching, Silverlight packages some assemblies as external parts outside the .xap file. When a user first visits your Web page, the Silverlight plug-in downloads the application package and all required external parts. These files are added to the browser cache so that they can be reused on subsequent visits.

Application Extension Services

Application extension services enable you to extend the Silverlight application model. Instead of creating a custom Application subclass, you can add application extension services through the Application.ApplicationLifetimeObjects property.

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